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420                              UFE OF
B^mnsat, St, Martin^ Bournouf, and Julius Klaproth,
Ms fellow-countryman, resident in Paria Humboldt
remained in scientific correspondence with, nearly all,
these men, and also took the opportunity of returning"
their kindness by a learned essay on Philology? which
he read in the "institute which had elected him its
In London Humboldt saw his son-in-law in the
office he had once himself filled., and met many a
statesman and learned man whom he had known
before, or whose acquaintance he now made. The
great Canning was already dead3 but he met his
former colleague, the Austrian ambassador, Prince
Paul Esterhazy, the Count Miinster, minister for the
Hanoverian affairs. King George IV., who had
showed him great favour as Prince Regent, now
received Mm with great honour. He decorated him^ not
only with the Grand Cross of the Guelphic Order, bnt
had his portrait painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence for
the royal castle at Windsor, where it now hangs .beside
that of monarchs, statesmen, and generals, beside
Metternich. Hardenberg5 Schwarzenberg^ Wellington,
Blueher, &a
Hiimboldt, with his wife and eldest daughter, left
the British capital on the 19th July. They returned.
to Paris, and hastened, after a short stay there, through
>Strasbiirg to Gastein, where they used the baths
again, from the 15th August to 15th September. It
is probable that on this occasion Gentz met them
here. The remainder of the autumn the Humboldts
spent in TegeL
After the baths of Gastein had had such a favour-
able influence over the health of Madame von Hum-
boldt3 the evil now broke out with increased violence
after their return from their journey, The end of
November she was lying dangerously ill in Berlin ;
in January it was again said she was on her death-
bed, but she lingered till March, when her illness
suddenly took a more rapid torn, and she died on "the
26th March, 1829.